Courses I am prepared to teach:

Undergraduate and Graduate:

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Introduction to International Political Economy
  • Introduction to Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Automation, Globalization, and Politics
  • Technology and Democracy
  • The Politics of Economic Policy
  • Survey Research Methods
  • Causal Inference in the Social Sciences
  • European Union Politics

Courses I TAed for at the University of Washington:


  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (x6)
  • Introduction to Political Economy (x2)
  • Government and the Economy
  • U.S. Foreign Policy (x3)
  • Global Crime and Corruption
  • Media, Society and Political Identity


  • Advanced Political Research Design and Analysis (x3)
  • Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology (x3)

Course I co-instructed with dr. Stefano Sacchi at the University of Milan:


  • Comparative Political Economy
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